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Re: Backstage News On Potential RR & WM 29 Plans

Taker/Ryback? Streak vs. Streak? That could be a pretty big drawing match, but here's the thing...

... Ryback needs to get some big wins before that. If he's just undefeated and had only been battling jobbers/low mid-carders through that time, what's to say he's a major threat to the streak? Now how about if he beats Punk, Sheamus and/or Cena by that point? Hell if they want to go crazy with him, have him beat Lesnar at SVS. Then that would make the match much bigger and a draw for Wrestlemania, as well as giving Ryback a major put over and exposure. Even losing to Taker, if he took him (somehow) even further than HHH took Taker, it would make him a star almost instantly. Plus with Ryback there's a possibility with him and how they build him up that he could maybe end the streak, not just to casuals but even smarks.

Whether he deserves it or not? Depends on if he can go 20+ minutes in a match and cut a promo well.

That being said, it should still be Taker/Lesnar at WM and if HHH has to have a rematch, it has to be at SVS. Lesnar wins again, goes to the Rumble where he can lose by means of pure luck/getting ganged up on by 6-7 other entrants something that even Lesnar couldn't fight out of. Then for WM, Taker/Lesnar. Lesnar makes the beating Taker took at WM27 look like child's play, and Taker still somehow ends up victorious (hopefully not the exact same way as WM27).

But if they're hell-bent on having Lesnar/HHH, I wouldn't mind Taker/Ryback so long as Ryback gets a few big wins under his belt before then so he can actually look unstoppable.

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