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Re: Worst TNA Decisions of 2012?

I agree with a lot of what has been said here so far.

1) Splitting up Magnus and Joe so quickly - although now Joe is TV champ (I've been pushing for this for ages) hopefully we'll see Joe put on some great matches while simultaneously legitimising the belt. Then they need to build the Joe/Magnus feud and I will forgive them for splitting up a great team.

2) Poor execution of the Joey Ryan storyline - brilliantly introduced and excellent, innovative use of social media. Then it just fizzled out. Yes, we marks can follow it on Twitter and in the dirt sheets but most casual viewers probably forget all about it from one month to the next. Plus, even if you follow it on Twitter, it's been a slow, slow burn.... Which brings me to....

3) Too slow, plodding storyline development - while it's nice to have storylines which are given space to breathe (the Roode/Storm feud was masterfully done and pretty much gave Roode's time as Champ its grandeur) a lot of the storylines are dragging on too much. AJ and Daniels is technically still going on as neither man really beat the other and resolved it. Aces and 8s desperately needs development (although I won't criticise this, as yet, as BFG is only a week or two away). And as has already been mentioned, Joey Ryan seems to be lingering in limbo.

4) Rushing the MCMG return and subsequent Sabin injury and Shelley release - Okay, Sabin's injury was bad luck. But they pushed a feud with Shelley and Aries, a feud which looked like it could be fantastic. It lasted one match. Then the MCMGs re-appeared and Sabin got injured. But even before his injury the MCMGs didn't appear from one week to the next, which seemed odd, given the build up.

5) Pushing Garrett fucking Bischoff - Yup, although thankfully this has been scaled down a lot in recent months.

6) Sadly, I also have to agree with Having Aries win the title mid Storm/Roode feud albeit for slightly different reasons. Roode needed to lose the title. It was getting predictable - imagine if he was still champ now, heading into BFG... How dull would those other title matches have been, knowing he would win so we could see him face Storm at BFG? Similarly, Aries is on fire so it made sense to make him champ. Unfortunately, with the BFG series going on and the Aces and 8s storyline developing, I feel Aries has had his time as champ scuppered. If he loses at BFG it will be a tragic waste of a reign that could have even eclipsed Roode's. He hasn't been given time to breathe, and it's a real, real waste.

Despite all the above though, TNA are still doing a helluva a lot right, and the show has been great for almost 12 months now. However, sadly, I'm getting the feeling that the quality of the product is currently due more to the calibre of the roster (how can you go wrong with AJ, Aries, Angle, Roode, Daniels, Bully Ray, Samoa Joe etc etc on the roster?) and the lack of stupid decisions and mad booking rather than a surplus of good decisions or inspiring booking.
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