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Re: Avatar Universe Mafia- game thread

Originally Posted by TaylorFitz View Post
What's a scum motivation for a no lynch?

Also would be loltastic if there is no SK and just a shitty vig.
This is WIFOM; you just don't want to take the lead in casting a lynch because if a lynched person flips town we'll all look at you suspiciously.

I think there has to be a vig and SK. hence we had 4 kills one night, then no VIG kill last night from Chr1st0.



this is what I think the break down is, not sure of alignments though. LC hasn't posted since she replaced Striker, so she might be just an inactive townie, meaning my breakdowns are wrong.

I think Fitz killed DocBlue last night. He couldn't kill him earlier because there was tension between the two, so it would have been suspicious. it started going away after Sheamus and Maverick were caught; so he took advantage of that. I'm guessing Fitz is the SK. we should wait on QJ's info (if he has any) then proceed. until then
vote Fitz
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