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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by Evil Peter View Post
Why doesn't it deserve to stay in business? Because it's not to your taste? I'm surprised how much you know about the show's quality since you regularly say that you're not watching. Seems like my relation to Smackdown, which I don't watch. I know what segments happen at times but I can't judge the quality of them without seeing them. I just know that I'm not interested in viewing another WWE show and therefor don't care how it does.

I don't disagree that a lot of Raw is bad, but that's obviously not my point either.
Why? There are many reasons and it not being to my taste is very minor compared to that. One reason is the fact that Vince wastes valuable money on worthless crap like Linda's senate run, pointless movies that about 5 people end up buying and all that shit. Another is the way wrestling has become a shadow of its former self. No, not in a "fuk pg bring bak attitood era!!!!11" way, but in that it insults the fan intelligence big time. I would not want anyone to know that I have the slightest display of interest for WWE in recent times. Just imagine someone who grew up on the Attitude Era and then quit watching wrestling around that point coming into your room as you watch AJ skip around or when she was "knocked out" by a simple push from the Big Show. I, for one, would be embarrassed. Or hell, even teenagers that hung around for the Ruthless Aggression period from 2003-2007. I would NOT want them to see me watching while Smackdown shows a backstage segment of Natalya randomly farting, Hornswoggle being revealed as the anonymous GM or the Muppets appearing in unfunny childish segments on Raw.

As for me "knowing the show's quality" despite not watching... no shit. The reason I stopped watching in the first place was because the quality was terrible. I have still read the results most of the time except the last two weeks and as far as I'm concerned, this shit still sucks and many people agree on that so I take their word for it. I don't have to see the segments to know that they are shit, curiosity has driven me into watching them and I've regretted that choice 9/10 times. I know better than to constantly make the same mistake over and over again. When something sucks so often, you learn to assume that the automatic conclusion will be the same when you read about it.
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