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Re: Canada is akward as FUCK

You talk as if graduating from Uni is special. You also make the mistake in assuming that the guy will achieve anything afterwards, many people fail to get a job within their chosen industry. So that's all hot air unless you can see into the future, wonderful.

It has already been established that I'm not the only one who has "little respect" for him, so that's your second mistake right there. As for him being respected by others, again that's just an assumption by you. You kind of missed the point anyway, originally I told him that he can't expect to command respect in such a demeaning working environment. Try to understand the context first, but I'll let you off because you're just a high school kid who is probably still learning on that.

There was plenty of need to tear a strip off of the cunt because he posts terrible opinions, yet he's deluded enough to believe that his posts hold any weight. Rants is here to flame, fuck off getting all high and mighty in this section of all places. Boredom on the internet or finally dropping the diplomatic act while completing course work? Again, more fluff.

Could you possibly add anything that's not completely irrelevant guess work? Cheers.
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