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Re: Dean Ambrose Pre-Debut Discussion Thread

Tell me more about this William Regal feud. This is my dream (one of).
I could NEVER put it in own words because you have to feel it. So I searched a little and found this lines.

Ambrose/Regal is going down as one of my favorite rivalries of all time. A feud from a tiny developmental territory has made me cry, spazz, scream, and cry some more. Essentially, I’m just going to mull over this feud and give my thoughts on the entire thing; I talk a lot, so please proceed with caution…

I don’t want this to be over. I don’t want to think that Ambrose/Regal is over even in the slightest. It’s very rare to see a grudge feud done so well in the WWE (and it came from FCW of all places!)

This feud was done so well that I want it to carry over to wherever Dean goes—NXT, Smackdown, RAW. Who knows at this point…

I love how the feud began with Dean just beating the hell out of Regal for no reason. It didn’t make sense, and it didn’t have to. You had two villains who liked to fight just going at it. It worked.

You know, everyone saw Dean as obsessed with William Regal, and I agree. But Regal also had a subtle obsession with Dean. The way Regal spoke about Dean being the man to end his career, about how he saw himself in Dean, about how he saw Dean as a true villain… It all culminated into this demented father/son or mentor/mentee relationship. However, in this scenario, the son/mentee wants to see the father/mentor suffer…

You can even say that, oddly enough, Regal loved Dean like a son. Yes, loved.Regal praised Dean so much on commentary that if you took the physical aspect out of it, you might’ve thought Regal was Dean’s manager or promoter. Hell, look at Regal’s tweets during the Mick/Ambrose dispute… Sure Ambrose was obsessed with Regal. But that obsession was reciprocated. Regal simply played the role of the veteran well—he was calm and patient. He didn’t cave in to Dean’s demands. Dean was hot-headed and impatient, but, at the end of the day, they were both completely obsessed with one another.

Another thing I loved was how Dean began to resemble a little boy pleading for his father’s attention. Dean followed Regal around, took jabs at him, screamed at him, and then just begged for him. And finally, when Dean got Regal, he beat the shit out of him. He knocked Regal’s head into an exposed turnbuckle until he started bleeding out of his ear. And yet Regal asked for more. Regal knew that Dean was going to destroy him, and he welcomed that destruction with open arms. That’s sick. But hell, it worked.

I guess what really hits home for me is how Dean never flinched away from talking about his real father during his indy run and showed that persona on FCW. There are plenty of Mox promos where he talks about his nonexistent dad or his stripper mom or about his shitty childhood. On the surface there’s a tough Dean, and somehow Regal was able to extract that lost little boy inside of Dean. And Dean couldn’t fucking stand it. It’s like loving someone and hating the way they make you feel—like feeling exposed to the entire world…

What’s amazing was how smooth this feud ran over the course of months. Dean was focused with Seth at first (another fabulous feud that I could praise forever), but as his obsession with Regal grew, he forgot about winning championships and being “the best.” It came to the point that Seth had to tell Dean to stop being so pathetic and get his eyes back on the prize. And yet, Dean was still obsessed. Am I the only one who found Seth being the first person to hold back Dean after he started beating up all the refs amazing? It was like two feuds coming full circle…

I could honestly go on forever, but I won’t. I desperately don’t want this feud to end. Sometimes I don’t know whether to call it a feud or a love/hate relationship. Anyways… This feud is too good for it to die in developmental. Hopefully one day Dean and Regal will cross paths again on WWE television. Maybe in a backstage segment. Maybe with Regal as Dean’s manager. Maybe with Regal actually introducing Dean to the “WWE Universe.” There are so many different methods off the top of my head. I just hope WWE realizes that they have something really special—something that I, personally, will never forget.
- http://kissmyambrose.tumblr.com/post...-fcw-thank-you

Describes it very very well.

Here is were it began to go deeper:

Well, his feud with Regal was what brought my attention to Ambrose. A well written and well executed feud.
Fuck yes!

Thanks man, much appreciatd. Didn't even think of Dailymotion.

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