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Re: The Avengers is now out on DVD/BD...perfect excuse to talk about this awesome fil

Originally Posted by TripleG View Post
Loved it. It waqs a perfect Summer blockbuster type of film. It was exciting, I loved the characters, and it was just a lot of fun.

Of all the movies I saw this year, I would say this was the most fun I had at a theater in 2012.

I'll throw my hat into the Avengers/Dark Knight Rises debate. I liked the Avengers more. DKR was good. Real good. I really liked it, BUT there were a LOT of holes that didn't quite add up which dragged the film down for me (I especially had major problems with the ending). I can't go into them without going into spoilers, but off the top of my head there were only one or two things in the Avengers that bugged me while DKR had more than a handful. The Avengers was also exactly what I wanted out of it and delivered on all my expectations and then some. DKR unfortunately had to come after The Dark Knight, which is my favorite comic book film of all time and I don't think Rises quite lived up to it.
I'd have to agree with this. It's not even a case where you have to degrade one over the other, I enjoyed TDKR immensely but I think the Avengers was that half notch higher on the ladder.

Now if we're comparing main villains? Bane > Loki No fucking question.

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