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Re: Vince McMahon was not a happy

It's probably time for Vince to step aside. I know how much of a legend he is etc, but he seriously needs to pass the buck to someone else. It's time Triple H was the CEO of WWE, working alongside Stephanie. He's very power hungry though, so I doubt he'll give up his post till he's practically dead. He barely features in LIVE shows now too, more than likely due to him being a corpse. I respect what he has done in the past, but they are apparently all his decisions and WWE isn't great anymore - being honest it isn't even good, completely average at best; the "entertainment" is limited.

AJ Lee needs to be released or put back into a Diva role, she's a terrible GM and it's a complete embarrassment to RAW and WWE as a whole. I can't wait for this whole story line to finally come to a end - it's beyond bad. Daniel Bryan is a joke, fantastic competitor and WWE Superstar, but his current character is completely awful, along with Kane. Honestly, "I am the tag team champions" and "No, no, no!"... embarrassing. I know it's PG now, but seriously this is taking it one step too far - it's beyond the level of cringe worthy.

Upsides at the moment - Dolph Zigger, Ryback, CM Punk and potential returns again from Jericho, Lesnar and The Rock.
I would like to see Jericho return a month or two before WM and feud with Dolph once more, hopefully Dolph will be WHC then and Jericho can go for the title, and to be honest, hopefully win it; the man is one of the best WWE Superstars. The Rock will 100% win the WWE Championship again, hopefully he will have another feud again, more than likely with CM Punk; he will probably win the title and HOPEFULLY change the belt to a new design and diss Cena's actions for creating the current one. Brock Lesnar hasn't quit, definitely not (who doesn't know that though), but we need to see him back. He is a very exciting character who can probably feud with anyone in WWE and make it worth watching. The whole Triple H and Lesnar feud was great.

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