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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by -Skullbone- View Post
Mate, I'm not a company loyalist by any means but saying they deserve to go out of business is overstepping the mark a tad. Forgive this sudden bout of PC, but the guys and gals that really, genuinely give it their all don't need to be held to such a statement based on what is ultimately management's final say. What's more, your enjoyment is likely to change at the drop of the hat when the 'E do step it up and appeal to your taste (whether they stumble into it or it's by design is irrelevant really).

The fact of the matter is that this company is still chugging along quite well in many aspects and this will probably be regarded as another slight obstacle they overcame in three to four weeks. I've been on these forums (sporadically) since 2006 and have seen a lot of posts of similar nature forecasting dark days ahead based on incidents the company would largely shrug off years later. Perhaps that is what irked me about your post: the hyperbole in response to the situation. One week you'll say they deserve to die out but it's very likely you and many others will come back in here in, say, three to four and say something along the lines of "well done WWE! You've really stepped it up since that one really bad show, keep it up, nice going, etc."
I'm waiting for that day where they manage to make me say something along the lines of that final sentence and the show doesn't rely on the star power of a legend like The Rock or special attraction like Lesnar. I respect the talent that genuinely want to put on a show but with this company dying, it might also make them work for a different promotion where their talent is truly appreciated and they are utilized properly. And that aside, I just don't find majority of them entertaining to start with, so it's not like the fault lies 150% on Vince and the writers.

That aside, the last time I really enjoyed a full show from this company was Raw after Wrestlemania and WM28 itself as well as Extreme Rules barring the ending. I also enjoyed most of Raw 1000 and some of Raw is Vince (June) but otherwise, Raw and specially Smackdown have been horse-shit in over 5 months now. These are the darkest days in WWE history since 1995. I'd rather go back to the the Guest Host Era. And fuck it, I'd even go back to the summer of 2007 of all years!!! That's how bad it is today. I'm saying that just when I thought wrestling couldn't be surrounded by darker clouds more so than it was in 2007 following the Benoit tragedy.

And I have a bigger chance of becoming a millionaire in a week than WWE changing for the better. They are HOPELESS, I'm telling ya. I tried to be optimistic many times when they were screwing up but I've had enough and the management is full of idiots that need to be fired and get hit in the head with an object so maybe they come to their senses.
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