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Re: Vince McMahon was not a happy

Originally Posted by Ziggler Mark View Post
Kofi would be your first victim?
Because he is the picture perfect example of someone that never betters themselves. Hey, he can jump high, great! But that's it. He can't work for shit, his offense looks bad & soft, he can't sell well, he has awful facial expressions, he can't talk, he doesn't sell tickets. A better question is, how has he survived this long? Because he's popular? A lot of guys are popular. And then, on his off time, instead of trying to get better, instead of practicing promos in a mirror or trying to come up with new ideas, he's out doing shit like playing video games, as has been reported multiple times over the years. He's a great example of someone that is just there because it's a big paycheck. That's it.

Could WWE have done more with him? Probably. He was definitely over when they slotted him with Randy Orton. But WWE could have done more with Carlito & he was fired for the same shit that Kofi is doing now, after having Ric Flair cut a live promo on him burying him to try to make an example out of him. Why does Kofi get a free pass for doing the same shit? Just cause the show sucks more now? People half-assing it like him are the reason the show sucks so much now. Unless that mother-fucker is jumping off a goddamn ladder no one gives a fuck or bothers to remember a single fucking thing he's ever done.

Also by the way, Mr. "R.K.O Peep" there's your fucking answer. Which you would have already had if you would have just read the fucking thread, you moron.
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