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Re: Canada is akward as FUCK

Originally Posted by R.K.O Peep View Post
Hmm but I am not what you and snow keep saying I am. Seriously are you snow's bitch or something? No people who say that someone should be mocked for having a shit job are. It is a job. I would rather have a crap job then no money at all. See my family are poor and had to take any job they could get till my dad got too ill too work. they taught me a job is a job. You act like you know everything when really you know fuck all and act like you are the grand authority on everything.

See that is the difference between me and you. You accuse me of acting like some grand authority where I just act like a normal poster who posts what he wants to whenever he wants
I don't agree with everything that Snowman says but he's spot on regarding you. A 21 year old nerd of a fast food employee that can't get his knob wet and tries desperately to be liked on an internet forum while clogging it up with generic worthless bullshit. I don't consider myself as great but at least I'm not some desperate (in many ways) spastic like you.

Your parents told you to settle for the dirt worst? Very inspiring!

The fact that you said that you'd rather 'have a crap job then no money at all' suggests that Maccy D's is a big achievement for you and that you can't do any better. Regardless of economy issues, you have to be a barrell scraper to work in that shit house.

You're a normal poster as in shit? That's what the average poster on this site is, I suppose. Thanks for showing that you percieve me as an authority (lovely old subconcious), I don't see it that way but there you go!

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