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Re: Canada is akward as FUCK

Originally Posted by AndreBaker View Post
No, the fact that you choose to work in a place like McDonald's instead of getting a decent job that isn't run by a massively corrupt corporation peddling gross shite to the spasticated masses (like yourself) is why you deserve abuse. You couldn't get a better job with unsociable hours, seriously?

Chavs giving you abuse? That's not really on but you were the one stupid enough to put yourself in a position where people will see you as worthless. That's your problem really. Get a decent job and people will respect you, it's just the way of the world, get over it.

Who's taking rants seriously now. Your getting mad
If you think I am mad. People like you are what is wrong the uk. A job is a job. If you mock some for working McDonalds you are quite sad really and are stretching. People do respect me dumbass just because a few inbreds like yourself do not. I am trying to get a new job but in this economy it is quite hard

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