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Re: Respect

Originally Posted by AndreBaker View Post
You considering me boring is definitely a positive.

The fact that you clog up the football threads with so much pointless guff while trying to act like you're an authority on the subject is why I'm bothering. Plenty of other worthless posters in rants but at least they stick to that section. If you stop posting so much garbage about footy I won't bother anymore.

Like I said before, the main thing to be taken from me assuming your post was serious is that it says more about how you're percieved on here than anything else. You are a massive dork so it's easy to assume that you'd take post count as a serious barometer of standing, not that any of that shit matters anyway.

The point about your shitty posting was made in my first post. Nice try to pretend that I changed the subject when that was my original point!
No your first point was that I was being serious. Just because you are a fucking dumbass. And I prefer the term geek or nerd thanks. Again if you don't like my posts in the football thread put me on ignore. I hardly post in there anyway and I certainly do not act like I have an authority over anyone. No the people who do that are you and snow.

I will post what I want to. If you don't like it kiss my ass or put me on ignore. If you find my posts boring you don't have to read it. And how I am perceived? More like how you perceive me.

But since my posts are boring here is a summary in case you feel asleep while reading that:

I will post where I like and I don't give a damn if you don't like it. Get over it. I am a football fan so I will post about football.

Oh and your just mad because Norwich got owned at the weekend.

PS: That last line was a joke before you get mad. You take rants way too seriously


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