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Re: Batista takes a shot at the Miz in MMA interview

Originally Posted by -Skullbone- View Post
What? Batista wasn't on steroids? No way known do I believe that. The guy looked absolutely ridiculous at various points in his career. That was not a look (notice I didn't say physique) one could achieve naturally with their body.

He looks a lot different nowadays because he's conditioning for the sport of MMA, whereas his job in the 'E during large stints was to look as big as possible without concerning himself too much with the cardio aspect. Notice in his return (sometime around 2007 I think) he lost a significant amount of muscle mass and was a lot freer in moving about. It's no coincidence that Kentonbomb's list is composed of Batista's matches when he was in much better shape for working.

All this talk about Batista prompted me to find that story about the infamous fight he had with Booker, as I know that Summerslam brawl is a favourite to discuss in regards to beefs wrestlers had, as well as the "big guys=stiff pansies who can't fight" debate much of this forum partakes in. Finlay confirmed that it was Batista that lay the boots into Booker in that instance, so this talk about steroid-abusing muscleheads being no good at fighting can be put to rest in this particular case. Many forget that ol' Batista had quite the rough upbringing as well.
I don't know if he used steroids or not but nobody could prove it. I saw his Pic on his book when he was between 18 and 20, he was fucking big. His greatest matches started in 2007 and 2008 and kept his work going until he retired. He had 3 great matches with Trips, Eddie, Benoit in 2005.
2006 generally was a bad year for him.

Booker T went to prison. Even tho I don't know what does this have to do with steroids. Batista gave him a strong punch and T had a black eye. Batista was always known for his strong punches and clothslines, I remember him knocking out Jericho. Many wrestlers used steroids, and don't see the point.
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