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Re: WWF 1995: The New Generation

WWF Monday Night Raw | January 9 | 1995

The 2nd anniversary of Monday Night Raw for 1995 kicked off with a clip from the first Monday Night Raw show. The Raw video package plays as Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels welcomed us to the show.

Match 1: Intercontinental Title Match
Razor Ramon (c) vs Owen Hart
Razor Ramon's music hits and here comes the bad guy on his way to defend the Intercontinental Title. Razor comes out to a great ovation. Razor has his chance now to avenge his loss to Owen Hart at King of the Ring. Owen Hart's music hits as he makes his way down to the ring. Owen has never won gold here in the WWF and could tonight be his night? Will 1995 be the year of the King of Harts Owen Hart. They have a staredown and Owen slaps Razor right in the face and yells out whooo!!!! Razor then nails Owen with a devastating right hand and clotheslines Owen over the top rope. Razor does his taunt and The Bad Guy means business tonight on Raw. The fans start a Razor chant. What a match this should be and here we go as Owen gets back in and the bell rings. They lock up and trade wrist locks, Owen uses his quickness and takes Razor down but Razor manages to outsmart Owen and works on Owen's arm. Owen kips up and then work's on Razor's arm, Razor reverses a whip and delivers a backbody drop. Razor then starts taking it to Owen and then levels him with a clothesline and Owen kicks out at 2. It's all Razor here in the early going.

Razor whips Owen into the ropes and goes for a back body drop but Owen this time lands on his feet and hits a neckbreaker on Ramon and gets a 2 count. Owen then takes control. Owen starts stomping away at Razor in the corner and Owen whips Razor hard into the turnbuckle and follows up with an insiguri and Razor kicks out at 2. Razor then comes back when Owen bounces off the ropes and Razor catches him with a fallaway slam. Razor signals for the Razor's Edge but Owen backdrops him over the top rope. The ref starts counting and Owen then hits a dive through the ropes on Razor. Owen sends him back in quick because he won't be able to win the belt by count out. Owen goes right up top and lands a great missile dropkick on Ramon and gets a 2 count. Owen connects with a northern lights suplex and Ramon quicks out at 2. Owen gets a chinlock on Razor, the fans get behind Razor as Razor gets up and breaks the hold. Razor comes off the ropes but Owen lands a spinning heel kick and gets another near fall. What a match up.

The action goes back and forth as Razor got the upper hand again until Owen came back again and took control. Owen worked on Razor's leg and then tries a sharpshooter but Razor rolls him up for an inside cradle and got a 2 count. Owen got back up and gets a sleeper hold on Razor. Listen to the fans getting behind Razor, trying to build momentum for Razor and Razor breaks the hold and drops Owen with a back suplex as both men are down. Both men get back up and trade lefts and rights, Owen ducks a right hand and hits a back suplex. Owen goes up top but Razor is back up and crotches Owen on the ropes. Razor puts Owen up on the top turnbuckle and delivers a belly to back suplex. Razor then sets up for the Razor's Edge but wait a minute The Roadie runs down to the ring for a distraction. Razor nails Roadie with a right hand and starts pummeling him outside the ring while Owen distracts the ref. Double J, Jeff Jarrett runs down and gets a chopblock on Razor. Jarrett then sends Razor into the steel post. He sends Razor back in and Owen puts the sharpshooter on Razor, Razor isn't giving up but passes out from the pain and the referee rings the bell. He awards the match to Owen and we have a new champion.
Winner and New Intercontinental Champion Owen Hart

Owen Hart wins the Intercontinental title thanks to interference from Double J and The Roaddie. Owen is celebrating his win. Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon get a word with Owen at ringside. Vince McMahon can't believe it and said how can Owen call that a victory. This is the second time he's defeated Razor by cheating. Owen tells Vince to shut up. This is the greatest night of his life and now his next goal is to win the Royal Rumble. Shawn says what a way for the 2nd anniversary of Monday Night Raw to kick off with a title change.

Royal Rumble Report w/Todd Pettingill: Todd Pettingill runs down the card for the Royal Rumble match including the participants for the Rumble match. We hear pre-recorded comments from some of the participants competing in the Royal Rumble match which includes The British Bulldog and Mr Bob Backlund.

Match 2
Hakushi vs Matt Hardy
Here comes Hakushi along with his manager Shinja. Hakushi who made his Superstars debut a few weeks ago, is making his Raw debut. Hakushi wastes no time by going right after Hardy. He excecutes some tremendous quick moves like backflips, handspring elbow, springboard splash. Hakushi then bounces Hardy's head into the corner and chops away at Hardy. Hakushi then ran into an elbow from Hardy, Hardy bounces off the ropes but ran into a devastating sidekick from Hakushi. Hakushi then hits a springboard moonsault and pins Hardy for the 3 count. Now that was impressive. Michaels was so impressed and said this guy moves more quicker than The 123 Kid. Infact this guy is almost as good as HBK. Michaels tips Hakushi to become a big star here in the WWF. A very impressive win for Hakushi and he will be competing in the Royal Rumble match.
Winner: Hakushi

A vignette is aired for Papa Shango and he will be making his return at the Royal Rumble.

The King's Court
Special Guests: Yokozuna, Mr Fuji and Jim Cornette
Jerry Lawler is in the ring and he's running down the fans. Lawler said over the past 2 weeks he's had guys like Diesel and Bret Hart on the King's Court but they have no class. His guest tonight is someone special. He's making his return to action at the Royal Rumble but he's here tonight. Here he is former WWF Champion, former Rumble winner and the next Royal Rumble winner YOKOZUNA. Yokozuna made his way down to the ring with Mr Fuji and Jim Cornette. Vince: "Oh my goodness." Yokozuna is bigger than ever and the last time we saw Yokozuna was at the Survivor Series when he lost the casket match against The Undertaker. Lawler said Yokozuna is even bigger than before, he is so dangerous. Lawler predicts that Yokozuna is going to win the Rumble. He refers back to the 1993 Rumble, it took so many guys to elimimate Yokozuna but they couldn't get the job done and now that Yokozuna is even bigger, no one stands a chance. Mr Fuji has a smile on his face and waves the Japanese flag. Jim Cornette said that's right, Yokozuna has headlined the last 2 WrestleManias and it will be a 3rd time lucky charm for Yokozuna. He has a perfect record at the Royal Rumble because he has never lost at this event. No one has made a quicker impact in the WWF than Yokozuna. In his first 3 months in the WWF, Yokozuna won the Royal Rumble 1993. Then he became champion at WrestleMania. At Royal Rumble 1994, Yokozuna was successful again by retaining his WWF Title. He's faced Bret Hart at WrestleMania 9 and 10 and there is a good chance we could see this for a 3rd time if Bret gets past Diesel. Yokozuna will destroy him again. Now if Diesel wins, we could see Diesel getting crushed by Yoko at WrestleMania. Vince said what a match up that will be if Yokozuna and Diesel were to face each other at WrestleMania. Jim Cornette said Yokozuna is more aggresive than ever. This man has terminated a lot of careers. Anyone that comes in his way at the Rumble he's going to throw them out. Yokozuna means business. Yokozuna yells BANZAI!!!! Vince said Yokozuna is indeed one of the odds on favourites to win it, who would be able to throw out this bohemoth? Vince says Shawn Michaels could be one of the men Yokozuna throws over the top rope. Shawn Michaels said that's simply not going to happen because HBK is the most smartest man in the Rumble and he's going to win it.

Match 3
Diesel and Bret Hart vs Bam Bam Bigelow and King Kong Bundy
The Million Dollar Corporation members Bam Bam Bigelow and King Kong Bundy came out first with their manager Ted Dibiase. Bret Hart then came down to a great ovation. This is Bret's first match back since The Survivor Series. Michaels talked about the ring rust as Bret hasn't competed in a while. He believes that Bret and Diesel stand no chance tonight against the huge combination of Bigelow and Bundy. Michaels thinks Bret and Diesel won't be able to co-exist tonight. The WWF Champion Diesel then came out to a great ovation. The match began with Bam Bam and Bret starting it off with Bam Bam taking it to Bret in the early going until Bret ducked a clothesline and took Bigelow down with a dropkick. Diesel and Bret then exchange tags working well as a team. Bret was back in the ring and then Bam Bam reversed a whip and delivers a backdrop. He tags King Kong Bundy and Bundy takes Bret down with a shoulder block and follows up with an elbow drop but misses. Bret then strikes Bundy with some right hands and then come off the ropes looking for a crossbody but Bundy catches him with a powerslam and gets a 2 count. Bundy tags Bam Bam. Bam Bam then worked on Bret's back by delivering some back breakers. He went up top trying to finish Bret off early with a headbutt off the top rope but missed. Bret makes the hot tag to Diesel as Bigelow tagged Bundy.

Diesel and Bundy exchanged blows until Bigelow got a cheapshot on Diesel allowing Bam Bam and Bundy to gain the momentum. Bundy sent Diesel into the ropes and Diesel hit a diving shoulder block to take Bundy down. Midway into the match Bret Hart is in the ring taking a tremendous amount ot punishment as Bigelow and Bundy exchange quick tags. Bigelow tries a top rope moonsault and misses. Michaels thinks Bret should make the tag but Bret goes up top and delivers a bulldog and gets a 2 count. He follows up with an elbow drop and gets a near fall. Bret delivers a russain legsweep and goes for the sharpshooter but Bundy entered the ring for the save causing Diesel to enter. All four men brawl in the ring. Diesel attempts a jackknife on Bigelow when I.R.S. ran down to the ring causing a disqualification. Bret brawls with I.R.S but Bundy attacks Bret from behind while Bam Bam and Diesel end up brawling outside. I.R.S. holds Bret in the corner as Bundy sets up for the Avalanche as he comes charging in but Bret elbows I.R.S in the face and Bundy squashes I.R.S. Bigelow comes charging into Diesel and Diesel backdrops him to the floor, look at the power of Diesel. Diesel and Bret then send Bundy to the floor with a double clothesline. The ref hands Diesel the WWF Title. Bret and Diesel then taunt The Million Dollar Corporation who make their way near the entrance way. Bret and Diesel then shake hands. Vince said these two certainly got along tonight and what a match up this will be at the Royal Rumble. Diesel then celebrates with the fans as Raw comes to a close.
Winners by disqualification: Diesel and Bret Hart

WWF Superstars | January 14 1995
The Heavenly Bodies defeated The Headshrinkers

Lex Luger defeated Adam Bomb

Man Mountain Rock made his debut and defeated jobber

The British Bulldog defeated Mr. Bob Backlund by disqualification when Owen Hart interfered and attacked The Bulldog. Bulldog hit the powerslam on Backlund when Owen ran in. Owen then put the sharpshooter on The Bulldog.

The show also included an interview conducted by Jerry Lawler with Doink The Clown. Doink came out with two Druids who bring a casket down to ringside. Doink discussed his feud with The Undertaker and how he loves playing mindgames with the man from the darkside. Doink said Undertaker's been manipulating people long enough and he will finally be laid to rest in peace at The Royal Rumble. Doink said he's out here to perform a trick but he needs a volunteer. He asks Lawler to go in the casket to he can make him disappear and then he will make him reappear but Lawler said he's afraid of caskets. Doink then decides to let one of his druids go in the casket while one watches his back in the ring. The druid gets inside the casket as Doink closes the lid shut. Doink said now he will make his druid disappear but then he will make him reappear. Suddenly the lights go out and they are back on. Doink wonders what is going on so Doink decides to open the casket lid open and out pops The Undertaker. Lawler is freaked out and bails out of the ring. Undertaker grabs Doink by the throat but Undertaker gets stopped by the druid. Undertaker destroys the druid and sends a message to Doink and tombstones the druid. Doink backs up the entrance way running for his life. Undertaker stares him down and does his cut throat signal. Doink's time of fun and games could be coming to an end at the Royal Rumble.

WWF Wrestling Challenge | January 15 1995
Tatanka defeated Irwin R. Schyster

Henry Godwinn defeated Duke Droese

Doink the Clown defeated Mable. Mabel slip on a banana peel used by Doink and Doink pins him for the 3 count to win the match.

Aldo Montoya and Bob Holly defeated Well Dunn

The show also included an interview conducted by Jim Ross with The British Bulldog. The Bulldog discussed his match against Owen Hart at the Royal Rumble. Bulldog said he returned in the Summer last year because Owen decided to get Jim Neidhart involved and made it a family war. Now that The British Bulldog ran Neidhart out of the WWF, it's time for The Bulldog to teach Owen a lesson when they meet each other at the Royal Rumble. Bulldog then discussed his chances in the Royal Rumble match. He states that he's going to throw Owen out. Bulldog talked about many huge guys in the Rumble match but Bulldog said he's powerful enough to throw even the huge guys out. Bulldog said it is his dream to win the Royal Rumble and compete in the main event at WrestleMania XI and it will finally come true when he wins the Royal Rumble.

WWE 2004: The Road to WrestleMania 21
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