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Re: Respect

Originally Posted by AndreBaker View Post
When other posters make jokes like that it seems obvious, but coming from a massive spastic like yourself it can easily be interpreted as being serious.

Anyway, if I put you on ignore then how would I be able to continue to own you? Dullard shit stain posters (such as yourself) need to be put in their place.

Suggestion for an improvement: How about not abusing that Kenny smiley anymore? Actually on second thought you should keep it. If they took that away from you then your posts would immediately become a hundred times worse (rough estimate).
The fact you seem to think you are owning me is just making me lol. And you mean this smiley:

If you think I am so dull why are you bothering? You are about as boring as snow. Please try better. I really don't care if you like my post or not. Just because you are too fucking dumb to release my post was a joke.

You were wrong about my post and now you are trying to change it to a comment on my general posting to hide the fact you were wrong. You not very good at reading jokes.Get a sense of humor.

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