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Re: Smackdown 10/5/12 Spoilers + WWE SMS/Superstars Results

Originally Posted by Vyed View Post
The following matches were taped tonight at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma for this week's WWE Superstars:

WWE Saturday Morning Slam:

1. Brodus Clay beat Epcio. A squash win for Clay.

2. U.S. Champion Antonio Cesaro defeated Derrick Bateman. An okay match, which Cesaro won with The Neutralizer.

WWE Superstars:

* Tensai defeated Yoshi Tatsu

* Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow beat The Usos

WWE Main Event:

Michael Cole and The Miz were on commentary. They introduced the show and spoke about the lineup.

C.M. Punk and Paul Heyman were interviewed by Matt Striker in the backstage area.

Sheamus did a backstage interview.

1. C.M. punk defeated Sheamus in a champion vs. champion match. Good back and forth match. Sheamus missed the Brogue Kick and hit his head on the turnbuckle. Punk got the pin. After the match, Sheamus cut a promo in which he said he was going to face Punk again and would hit the Brogue Kick on him.

2. Santino Marella and Zack Ryder defeated Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel in a first-round tag team tournament match. A decent match that saw Kid and Gabriel work over Santino the majority of the time.

The main event for next week's show was announced as Randy Orton vs. Big Show.

WWE Smackdown:

*Big Show came out and talked about knocking out Sheamus and then a video package aired. Sheamus came out and said may the best man win, then offered his hand. Show declined a handshake and left the ring. Video footage of Show losing his World Title was shown. Show came to the the ring to shake hands, but Sheamus left instead.

1. The Prime Time Players defeated Kofi Kingston and R-Truth in a first-round tag tournament match. A decent match. R-Truth was beatdown throughout the match.

2. Ryback beat Primo. Typical Ryback match. He won with his finisher.

C.M. Punk vs. Dolph Ziggler was set up for later in the show.

3. Wade Barrett beat a local wrestler.

4. The Miz defeated Sheamus by DQ. Big Show came out and delivered a knockout punch to Miz for the DQ.

David Otunga came out and talked about how they beat down Randy Orton last week. Alberto Del Rio came out and mocked Orton. Booker T booked them in the following tag match.

5. Kane and Daniel Bryan defeated Alberto Del Rio and David Otunga. Del Rio abandoned Otunga. Team Hell No won with a chokeslam by Kane followed by a top rope head butt from Bryan.

6. Tesai defeated Big Show by DQ. Sheamus hit the Brogue Kick on Tensai for the DQ.

7. WWE Champion C.M. Punk defeated Dolph Ziggler.
Where do I start with this?

- I don't watch Saturday Morning Slam but I'll comment on the fact that Antonio Cesaro is on the show after displaying such an amazing feat on Raw on Monday. I guess WWE is going to stall until Christian returns so he can have a real feud.

- Tensai gets squashed by Ryback so WWE logic says Yoshi Tatsu makes him credible again. Speaking of WWE logic Sandow is also on Superstar despite the fact that he had the best match on Raw with Sheamus.

- CM Punk goes over Sheamus clean? This is a must watch especially if Punk did it via GTS.

- Santino Marella & Zack Ryder go over Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel. Quite frankly I don't understand the point of advancing Santino & Ryder. Kidd & Gabriel are a legit team that looks great together and would make the next match on the tournament more interesting.

- Now let's go on to Smackdown. Where exactly are they going with this Big Show vs. Sheamus build up? There was no need to make the Miz a victim in this. Quite frankly it should have been Tensai being knocked out by both Sheamus & Big Show since both men are trying to prove a point. Not to mention Tensai has nothing going for him and he isn't the Intercontinental Champion. This could have been done in one match instead of two.

- Squashes! Squashes! Squashes! Ryback was very featured on Raw on Monday. He didn't need to be on this show and let alone to squash Primo. It does nothing for him. The other squash is a even better joke. Wade Barrett beat a local wrestler. Are you kidding me? The Smackdown creative team continues to earn a free paycheck by booking 2 or 3 squashes per show. Show some creativity for once. How about having Barrett attacking people backstage or interrupting matches. The former Leader of Nexus facing a "local guy" is a fucking joke.

- Team Hell No! beats Otunga & Del Rio which is pretty pointless. Del Rio should have just been let out of this because we know Otunga never wins. Him walking out makes him look like a bitch although Sheamus already did a good job at doing that.

- CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler face off in a rare heel vs. heel main event. I know the match will be good but Dolph constantly taking loses isn't helping his case. WWE just doesn't know how to book a Money in the Bank winner properly these days.
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