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Re: Raw 10/01/2012 Discussion: Will AJ's parents please take her home?

Opening segent: This opening segment was quite good. The idea of Vickie & Paul Heyman kinda teaming up to demand AJ being removed from her General Manager position was good. AJ coming out and cut if off to say she’s the boss was good. Gives her persona a good twist in my opinion. Other than that this segment lasted waaay too long. The recaps from last week, intro and the segment itself took 24 minutes. 24 minutes before we saw a wrestling match.

Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio Vs Epico & Primo: With the long opening segment I was really hoping for a good match, which those 4 can easily pull off. But for some reason I wasn’t that excited after the match. It wasn’t all that fluent, sloppy most of the time. Mysterio and Sin Cara are working well together though. But it felt like they’d done better matches in the past than they did tonight. Hope to see more from them soon. (From both teams) Finally the tag-team devision is being taken au serieux

Clay vs Cesaro: Was up next. I thought it could be a good decent match. So I was really surprised seeing Brodus Clay was being a jobber to Cesaro. Cesaro looked damn impressive though hitting his finisher move, the neutralizer on Clay. I didn’t think he could do it. I’m not a huge fan of Cesaro but he surprised me in a good way.

The Miz vs Ryder: Ryder jobbing to The Miz. Stupid match, specially how Miz got jobbed last week to Ryback. Worst match of the evening. (Maybe a tie with Slater Vs Santino)

Sheamus / Big Show debate: After this stupid match I was curious to see how they’d play out this debate. I have mixed feelings about this debate. Big Show was surprisingly good at the mic, Sheamus was decent but a bit predicable (Making fun of the 45s title reign of Big Show), other than that this was a bit useless. Kind of the same feelings as Crusade has about this. “Why are we doing this?”

Ryback vs Tensai: A rematch of last week’s SmackDown. The match in general was bad. Ryback getting cheers from the crowd. But the match itself was boring, a typical big man versus big man match. The ending was interesting though. Ryback wasn’t able to hit his finisher manoeuvre on Tensai. I’m not entirely show why. Was it because Tensai sandbagged? Was it because Ryback messed up the timing of it? Probably a combination of both which we’ll find out later if Ryback keeps being pushed.

The Diva’s match was decent. Beth getting some more air-time and she has a good chemistry with Eve. The matches they work are decent. Good for WWE-Diva’s standards.

Slater vs Santino: Together with Mahal & Mcintyre this was just odd. This new stable just seem to be thrown together. “We need more charaters on screen, lets form a stable”…I … *shrugs* It doesn’t seem to be right. I hope they cut this off short. Slater is coming over as a joke, and for him to be the leader? I don’t know….Not excited about this at all.

Sheamus vs Damien Sandow: Match of the night. They worked well together. Sandow is still fairly new and thus has a long way to go, but tonight he proved that he’s good in ring and that he learns things. The end was a bit odd though. Rhodes trying to surprise Sheamus from behind, Sheamus catching Rhodes and then hitting a double Brogue Kick...

Punk – JR – Ryback: Heel Punk…You gotta love him. He’s pure gold at whatever he does. Mocking JR on JR’s appreciation night was funny to see. Punk making references towards Austin 3:16 and then relying to him being the champion for 316 days. It was all good. Then Punk forcing JR to do a walk of shame. Loved it from the start to the end.

You knew when Punk forced JR to do the walk of shame, and when the camera man just stopped to be able to make a shot from behind JR up to the stage something was going to happen. And it wasn’t hard to predict that it would be Ryback coming out. Ryback bringing JR back to the ring was good and this is good for a possible future storyline if Cena isn’t able to wrestle at Hell in a Cell.
Alberto Del Rio vs Kofi Kingston: Another squash match for Del Rio…Starting to get annoyed by it. Certainly when it’s against a guy like Kofie who’s been around for a long time now. He deserves a shot at a main event place. It’s only sad he lacks mic skills to be a top guy for the business. He brings something exciting to the ring. It’s stupid he’s being squashed…

Punk & Ziggler Vs Kane & Bryan: Four men worked really well together, team Hell No always brings something special so that was funny. AJ as a special guest referee was good, she mocked Punk. Sending Heyman & Vickie to the back. That lead to an interesting thing with Ziggler leaving Punk. The other way around since last week. Which made it easy for team Hell No to pick up the victory.

Could be interesting while their managers both want the same but the two of them can’t get along…Overall it had its good parts of the show, but there were a lot of bad things as well. I rate it a 5/10. AJ’s segements in the back were weird, and I couldn’t really figure it out. Some decent matches, but also 3 squash matches…Therefore, 5/10.
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