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Re: Backstage News On Punk's HIAC Storyline; Post HIAC Plans For Cena

Originally Posted by JamesCurtis24 View Post
Yeah, WWE is super reptitive with their storylines. I don't remember it being anything like this in the Attitude Era days, it seems like opponents were rotated frequently. Then again, they had mega stars like HHH, Rock, Austin, Undertaker and to an extend guys like Mankind and Big Show to rotate storylines around.

I'm hoping Punk will turn face again for too long. I mean I just can't enjoy the guy has a heel for some reason... I like to think of him as the voice of the voiceless. I mean somebody like Ziggler, I enjoy as a heel and would prefer him that way. Somebody like Sheamus, I think he'd be cooler as a heel as well.

Some guys whether I like them or not, I just seem to enjoy in certain roles.
I have to disagree, CM Punk was really getting me down as a face, they were making him smile alot and come out and telling poop jokes and acting like John Cena.

WWE cant makes big faces anymore, lucky enough CM Punk jumped that ship. He doesn't suit that role at all, CM Punk works best when he's an angry douchebag, his douche face gimmick was more than cringe worthy at times (he did give some good promos though as a face) Don't forget that Cm Punks shoot was made as a heel, he got over as a face because of that shoot

CM Punk is a natural born heel, the same way I like Triple H and Jericho as a heel. they have the full attitude and they pull it off like a boss. CM Punk also feels so much more comfortable in his role as a heel too, he just pulls of being an ass really well (maybe because he naturally is). I do want to see some of his Straight Edge Society gimmick make a comeback soon, he mastered it really well and would hate to feel like it was "just a stepping stone gimmick"

But I do agree with you about Ziggler and Sheamus though

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