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Re: Impact Wrestling 2012: A New Era.


- The opening segment was fine but Roode's reaction was a bit too much like his reaction to Aries' title win. Overall though, good segment. Roode/Storm seems to be a feud you're very into, so it should be a good match at Sacrifice..

- Good match between Moore and Ion here. Surprised to see Moore get the W. Post-match beat down is a nice way to start an angle between the two..

- Another good match here between the Guns and the Robbies. It's a shame that the Guns never teamed together again after Lockdown so it's nice to have them here. Here's to you breathing new life into the tag division that needs it..

- Good face promo for Aries and subsequent attack from Ion was another good way to get him across as a sneaky SOB. Hmmm Moore beat Ion and Ion attacked Aries. *sniff* do I smell triple threat..

- Really nice to see the Knockouts featured in a good, long match. My favorite match of the night by far. Madison's attack is a great heartbreaking finish for Sky and I really do believe Kim might be the best women's wrestler on mainstream TV..

- The interview segment confused me a bit. All the other promos were done in a sort of recap form, but this one was done in script form. Is this just for the interviews?

- Good long tag main event. I like that Roode/ Storm left to brawl. Bully challenging for the TV title? Mixed feeling on that one. On one hand, I feel that Bully is a World title caliber guy. On the other, it does give him a chance to perhaps give some prestige for a title that desperately needs it. SO, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt..

- The announcement segment, while good was a bit disappointing. I was expecting something new, but instead I got what TNA already has. That being said, I AM looking forward to what you do with Championship Thursday, Open Fight Night, and ESPECIALLY Gutcheck..

- The closing brawl was well done and I'm definitely liking how you're handling this feud..

Overall, a very good first show. It felt a little short, but it was still a nice read. Keep it up and good luck..
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