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Re: Why Sheamus is the World Champion.

Originally Posted by The Bad Guy View Post
I duno you may have a point there and I am not taking anything away with Amberose's talent but I am more into the old fashioned way of looking at things where people had to work their asses off for years to get a shot in the main event and work their way up the Ladder, sort of like Benoit/Eddie way of looking at things or even Shawn/Rock/HHH, who were amazingly talented but weren't pushed until a few years into their runs.
Different philosophies, that's fine. I don't believe in that. I believe, ESPECIALLY now, since the business has changed, and there's a lack of stars, that if someone comes in to the company and they're ready, they need to go for the main event right off the bat. Don't hold someone back unless they need to be held back. The main event should not be for veterans, or guys who have been built for 2 to 3 years, it should be for main event calibur performers. If you are one immediately, I do not want to see you as IC Champion.

Shawn, Rock and Triple H did not come into the company even 1/4'th as great as Ambrose is today. They had to evolve for years, Ambrose has found himself already. At 26 years old, it's remarkable.

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