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Re: How does PWG afford to put on a supercard every month?

Originally Posted by El Chapo View Post
I'm also convinced that 1 of the PWG 6 was well off financially (Excalibur or Super Dragon) and could afford to invest the proper money needed to keep it afloat but years later, they've likely made a huge profit and may have little chance of taking a loss.
Except PWG almost went out of business in late 2008. Had it not been for Super Dragon putting in some of his own money, it wouldn't have continued. PWG manages to put on big indy cards because of a variety of reasons:

- I really don't imagine top indy guys cost too much money. If these small indies that no one has heard of can afford Kevin Steen or Roderick Strong, PWG can as well.

- One location has to help a lot. This allows PWG to always know how much money they have to spend to rent out the building. Likewise, they don't need to hire local crews to set anything up.

- Being the biggest company on the west coast probably helps a lot too. You don't need to compete with other companies to draw fans and younger wrestlers are more likely to work cheaper for PWG due to the better exposure than in the other SoCal companies.

- Few shows is another huge deal. At this point, PWG only holds 10 shows a year. Think about it, that means you only have to come up with the cash to pay an El Generico or Kevin Steen nine times a year (Assuming they miss at least one show a year). So few shows also means it's easier to legally follow PWG than the other major indies (As in actually buying the DVD's). So you're also making more money per show than you would have back in the days of running 20+ shows a year.

- Lastly Highspots has to help a lot. I assume they cover for some of the costs of creating the DVD's and you have a much larger platform to sell your DVD's. For example, I imagine every Five Dollar Wrestling event has had a Highspots table set-up. I'm sure there's several PWG DVD's for sale at each event.

At this point, I'm guessing PWG has found a nice little groove where they keep costs down and they don't need to be so worried about having to go out of business. I highly doubt they have a ton of profit though.

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