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Re: Why Sheamus is the World Champion.

Well, to be fair--and I say this while understanding that the consequences of it all is still a drastic overpush, as simply throwing the WWE Championship onto the then-unover, unknown (to the overwhelming majority of WWE fans)--but according to many insiders and sources, Sheamus became remarkably popular very quickly with fellow roster members, road agents, management, Triple H, Vince, etceteras. He was, reportedly, mild-mannered but funny and good-natured, was seen by many even veteran figures in the locker room as a natural "good soldier," going to shows where he wasn't even booked, being one of the very first guys to make it to the arena and one of the very last guys to leave the arena, he'd pick the brains of some of the biggest stars, ask questions while being considerate, talk with agents for hours and listen to them give advice, etceteras.
Well, good for him. That doesn't change the fact that talent should be the deciding factor. I mean, shit, he's been pushed incessently, as hard as anyone ever has been, winning titles, Royal Rumbles and going over everyone clean for 3 years and Ryback is more over than he is. What the fuck does THAT tell you?

You can bring up things like his "unique" look, but if anything, shit like that should work AGAINST him. You can't take a guy seriously who looks like that, he looks like Bozo on steroids. This isn't the 1980's. Hell, even IN the 80's we didn't have people that looked this fucking ridiculous.

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