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Re: Why Sheamus is the World Champion.

Originally Posted by Tyrion Lannister View Post
Yeah, I'm sure he's the only young guy on the roster who works hard. Herp derp.

Wins WWE Championship from the top guy in the company as an unknown wrestler, after 5 months on the main roster = IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS HE JUST WORKS HARDER THAN EVERYONE ELSE. *takes sip of kool aid*

Yeah, sure he does. The nonsense people believe is endless.
Well, to be fair--and I say this while understanding that the consequences of it all is still a drastic overpush, as simply throwing the WWE Championship onto the then-unover, unknown (to the overwhelming majority of WWE fans)--but according to many insiders and sources, Sheamus became remarkably popular very quickly with fellow roster members, road agents, management, Triple H, Vince, etceteras. He was, reportedly, mild-mannered but funny and good-natured, was seen by many even veteran figures in the locker room as a natural "good soldier," going to shows where he wasn't even booked, being one of the very first guys to make it to the arena and one of the very last guys to leave the arena, he'd pick the brains of some of the biggest stars, ask questions while being considerate, talk with agents for hours and listen to them give advice, etceteras.

It would be wrong to suggest his personal rapport with Triple H as his "workout buddy" didn't help him, because I'm sure it didn't hurt, but based on what was revealed by a bunch of sources, it was, from WWE's perspective, like finding a guy with a fairly long list of favorable personal and professional attributes, as well as having a unique look, presence, etceteras... Much of this goes back to his couple of dark matches in July 2008 almost a year before he debuted, as well as the period of time, namely the end of April through May and June 2009 before he debuted at the very end of June, so by the time he was working with the likes of Goldust on WWECW in the late summer that year, the reading of him was quite widespread backstage.

Obviously, though, I'd say your average WWE worker has to be tough, both mentally and physically, and a hard-worker who's disciplined and can withstand a great deal of psychological troubles and endure a major amount of physical pain. It's just that Sheamus seemed to be almost universally liked and appreciated as an exemplary "new guy," whatever judgments we want to make about the overall "WWE evaluation process."

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