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Originally Posted by pagi View Post
For 3,010 days I have been a member of this forum. That is longer than some of you idiots have been born. I have graced you intellectually inferior sheep with my presence for over 3000 days. What do I get in return? NO FUCKING RESPECT. I am one of the longest reigning posters in wrestlingforum history, and its time you jabronies start respecting the pagi. Yes, I have earned the right to refer to myself in 3rd person. I have seen it all, I was even here when they tried merging with that trailer park website that was giving everybody viruses. Look at my post count-to days joined ratio. I am The Rock of this board, I am too big for the forum, but I come here sporadically anyway. So it's time you show me some respect.

Now listen up fools, from here on in, you will all take my word as gospel. If I tell you that Funaki could beat Brock Lesnar in a shoot fight, then you will accept it. If I tell you Mike Adamle was a great play by play announcer, you will acccept it. If I tell you that Vince Russo is a genius, you will accept it. Lastly, but surely not least, If I tell you Jinder Mahal is the next Rock, you will not only accept it, you will preach it. After 3000+ days, it is time for some fucking respect. I'm out.
Your gimmick is awful....jump off a bridge

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