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Re: Dean Ambrose Pre-Debut Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by new_year_new_start View Post
this is probably the most deluded post about Ambrose I've ever seen! Gaining heat through dark matches? Half the audience are going to know who he is because he's been in a hand-full of dark matches? Most beloved superstar not on television? More well known than guys on NXT even though NXT guys actually get on TV internationally?
I'm not even a fan of the man at all, and didn't know who he was until about 2 years ago, if that. Who cares if NXT is aired internationally? No one knows who Leo Kruger is, or Percy Watson happens to be. People somehow manage to know who Dean Ambrose is. Raw isn't live each week in some foreign arena. Dark matches are a great measure to see where someone's popularity is at before they debut. This has been done for years, and it's a practice the WWE has used many times over.

Hearing a live response in front of a few thousand people before Raw, or Smackdown is a big deal for anyone in the business. The fact of the matter is, he is gaining popularity whether you realize it, or not. He is the most anticipated wrestler that I can clearly recall coming from developmental, and that dates back to Brock Lesnar, and even Lesnar didn't pull this much attention. From what I understand he has been to house shows, and dark matches. Going on the road is a big deal, and that's exposure. Wrestling on NXT for people in India, or Germany to watch is laughable. Based on your logic stars from NXT debuting in the WWE will go over more than someone like Dean who wrestles dark matches. That's so laughable. It's about what you do once you are on camera, and from everything I have gathered I don't think Dean will have a hard time turning in to a star.

What guy on NXT has their own thread that last this long, and garner this much attention? This isn't the only wrestling forum, or site on the internet. Ambrose talk is all over the wrestling circuit. Wake the fuck up dude, and get your head checked. Wrestling is about "hype", and if it's over done that's just part of the game. Everything in wrestling is over done from catch phrases, finishers, and including the "pre-debut". Where is the Kruger thread, or the Bo Dallas thread? There is a reason CM Punk worked with him, and there is a reason Bryan worked with him, it's because he is going to be a huge star.

He certainly doesn't need NXT at this point, because the WWE would have placed him on the show. Let me remind you that he is on the NXT roster, and if people are curious they find him there, and then youtube him. Hardly anyone else on that roster is worth going to youtube for because most of them don't have much to show. That's the reality of it all. He was a name before he signed to developmental, and granted that means nothing to the WWE, it means something to actual wrestling fans. I for one hope he does well, and takes the WWE in a new direction. However, at this point I don't consider myself a mark, but merely a logically sound person unlike yourself.

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