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Re: Smackdown 10/5/12 Spoilers + WWE SMS/Superstars Results

It just irritates me how lazy they are with him. If I were booking I'd have him interrupt Sheamus in the opening segment of the show to make the main event for later in the show, in the match Big Show can distract him and give Barrett a dirty win and BOOM, you're killing two birds with one stone 1) Barrett gets his first meaningful win since returning and is established as a threat and 2) You get some real heat behind the Sheamus/Big Show feud. Obviously that won't happen though, Barrett will remain mute once again and squash Zack Ryder or another loser and Sheamus will probably kick Dolph Ziggler's teeth down his throat for 8 millionth time, which accomplishes absolutely nothing.
But you're not a xenophobe, Vince is. Barrett would have accomplished as much as Sheamus by now if he were Irish himself or any other race, except maybe Japanese. He just won't book an Englishman well, regardless of their qualifications. I'm just as irritated, if not more, to be honest.

You'd think so wouldn't ya, but I'm just thinking, is there really anything for them to do until the next round of the tag tournament? They clearly won't be wrestling as they wrestled on Superstars and those matches usually go at least 10 minutes. I assume they'll do a generic "We are the next tag team champions" promo and it'll be great, cause it's Sandow and he makes everything look great, even Cody has seemed better since being around Sandow.
Well, that will probably be the extent of it. I think they probably could wrestle again though, realistically, do you think it took them 10 minutes to beat the Usos? I saw the Ascension beat them in 3 minutes on NXT, and those guys aren't even on the main roster.

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