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Re: Avatar Universe Mafia- game thread

Dan was mopping around being all " I have to get my honer back" when all of a sudden he got fire in the back. He flew forward and hit the ground. Shaking the cobwebs out of his head when he turned around, he saw a man decked out in a suit of armor, he recognized that suit. But before he could say anything he was finished off.

Dan was
Spoiler for dan:
Congratulations you are

Prince zuko- Avatar aligned

You are the Banished prince who was seeking redemption in your fathers eyes by capturing the Avatar. Eventually though, after a lot of internal struggle you decide to join Avatar Aang's group and fight the Fire Nation and help Aang defeat your father. At first though , no one in Aang's group trusted you, for good reason. so this makes you the Miller. you will show up as Fire Nation Aligned if you are investigated.

you win when all t hreats to the Avatar are eliminated.
Good Luck.

Mikey riding along on his big ass what ever it is, when his muscles suddenly seized up. he tried to move his eyes to see who was the culprit but there was nothing to see. He was even hacing trouble breathing and eventually died.

He was

Spoiler for mikey:
Congratulations you are

June, Avatar Aligned

You are a bounty hunter who has a big ass dog/whatever that could smell just about anything from miles away. This makes you the Tracker. Each night you can pm me the name of a player and i will tell you where they who they visited that night.

You win when all threats to the Avatar are eliminated

good luck

Doc was fine tuning his air bending when all of a sudden someone came up and chi blocked both his arms. Once he regained feeling in his arms, he saw the person and gave chase. he chased the perpetrator to the end of a cliff where he stopped and turned around. he saw the person who had asualted him and tried to knock them off their feet with a strong gust of wind. To his surprise the person jumped over the gust and did a flip and landed. their next move surprised him even more as they pushed him off the cliff.

Doc was

Spoiler for doc:
Congratulations you are

Tenzin Avatar aligned

You the youngest child of Katara and Aang. you also are the representive of the Air Nomads in Republic City. Seeing has you have a high standing in the city, you have quite a lot of pull. this makes you the Governor. you can stop a player from getting lynched at one point in the game. However it has to be someone besides you.

You win when all threats to the Avatar are eliminated

Good Luck

with 9 alive it takes 5 to lynch.

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