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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by Marv95 View Post
2.5 is at Nitro 1999 and 2000-levels before and after Russo was fired. In fact it's worse than what they did, and they had Raw to compete with. Anyone remember how BORING Nitro was throughout 1999 post nWo/pre Russo and 2000 during the Sullivan Era? But at least they had starpower.

Yes 3-hours are a huge problem but even if they went back to the regular 2 it wouldn't make THAT much of a difference. They've gotten 2s before the 3-hour switch. Despite some potential in one or 2 guys the rest of the show and product is a complete mess. Cena isn't gonna save it, JBL back full-time won't save it, TV-14 won't save it (see 2007). It needs a revamp. Trim the fat and get rid of the guys who aren't ready/waste space and bring in guys who clearly are and push them. Enforce the brand split or just abolish it already and have one world champ. Turn guys heel/face who are long overdue. Focus on a more serious product instead of pointless comedy. Give us a storyline that creates a buzz around the wrestling world(Nexus, Summer of Punk, Conspiracy) and follow through on it.
Oh I remember how boring Nitro was. During the Sullivan Era I think that the most unique concept invented was the Yappapi Indian Strap match.

I'll say this about Russo WCW-it was often illogical, stupid and poorly thought out, but it was never boring.

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