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Re: Stone Cold's 2001 heel run

Originally Posted by Akasha View Post
Well I was a big Rock mark at the time and once Stone Cold aligned with Vince to screw The Rock, I hated it. I didn't wanna see Austin mesh with Vince like that. But, when he was the sadistic heel who would do anything to keep the title, I started to enjoy it. Then they made him a bitch with the singing and shit but I thought it was hilarious. It was refreshing to see Austin being something other than the mad ass kicker. Too bad he didn't have a top face to go against. Would've made his heel run one of the best of all time. That's all he needed.
Kurt Angle was a boss for the short time he was a top face back then. Kicked out of 3 Stunners. Don't remember anyone else that did that.

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