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Re: Oh Dear Ryback...

Originally Posted by SinJackal View Post
While I'm all for ragging on guys for botching spots (especially power spots), I have to say I think you must have zero experience in lifting whatsoever if you think that how Ryback lifts guys up for that move is easy, or just as easy as lifting people in the typical fireman's carry or vertical suplex fashion (your F5 and Jackhammer comparisons)

Ryback's move is more difficult. He has less leverage the way he does it with more weight away from his body, and barely uses his legs.

If a near 400 pounder like Tensai doesn't assist with that move, it's extremely difficult to pull it off. Not like a fireman's carry or a powerbomb or a rock bottom where you can forcefully yank people into the moves fairly easily.

But yes, it was a botch and it was embarrassing. It was also obvious Tensai sandbagged him. Ryback also pulled the move off on him already on Smackdown. And on 2 people at once multiple times.
Probably the most intelligent reply within this entire thread. Many people seem to not be looking at the entire picture in this situation. Hence the difference in difficulty of separate maneuvers, the obvious "sandbagging" factor provided by Lord Tensai (A-Train), possible strain (or injury) that may have occurred to either man prior to the spot, and how the repercussions weigh out when considering the outcome of a botch involving John Cena (or an equivalent superstar in stature) compared to that of Ryback. For instance if a performer were to intentionally sandbag (or botch/poorly sell) a spot within a match booked against a John Cena he would instantly be placed on disciplinary probation or even terminated for such a mistake. That may not necessarily be the case while keeping in mind how fresh (or green) Ryback still is in this business, even when considering how quickly he's beginning to be pushed. I disagree with alot of people claiming he was barely able to pull off the maneuver (or was struggling) on SmackDown. He seemed pretty capable and confident while executing it and even proceeded to waltz around with his trademark stomp which isn't anything to snicker at. Another fact indicating that Lord Tensai may have intentionally sandbagged Ryback is that he never attempted in the slightest to even cover up the botch by providing an elbow, knee, or axe-handle to remain within kayfabe and ensure each fan the believable match that they paid or were tuned in for. Also remember that Lord Tensai (A-Train) has decades of ring experience as a "veteran" and showed no such qualities whatsoever in this instance while Ryback is merely packing a year or two under his belt. I'm not a huge Ryback fanatic or a "mark" as some of you will probably try to insinuate, although I have enjoyed his short stint thus far. The main reason I'm coming to his defense in this matter is that I call things how I see them, unbiased, and with brutal honesty. Both men were affected in a negative way due to this blatant botch which could have been intentional or if not at least prevented by Lord Tensai. Nuff said!

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