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Re: List of wrestling moves that you have PERSONALLY tried.

Too many to name them all, couple of really memorable ones though:

1) F5 on my 5-year old neighbour - Used to wrestle on the bed all the time, I picked him up and did an F5, but botched it and he smacked his head on the top of the headboard. Dude had a massive bump the size of a tennis ball on his head but just got straight back up and carried on. It wasn't until my Mum came upstairs that the match stopped. That conversation went something along the lines of "Stop making so much noise, you're not meant to be wrestl...OMFG WTF HAS HAPPENED TO YOUR HEAD?"

2) Tombstone Piledriver on a girl at school - I was 6/7 at the time, this girl was in the year below me but always used to wrestle with us on the field. She was really, really light. Anyway, picked her up and tombstoned her, do the pin that 'Taker always does, and my mate counts 1-2-3. I stand up, and realise this girl is crying, and her brother is staring at me, not looking particularly pleased with me.

Needless to say, I got beaten up and told off for wrestling on the grass by the headteacher, to which my reply was the "I'll stick a gun up your **** and pop your f***ing eyeballs out!" quote from the original (I think) Grand Theft Auto - yes, my parents let me play GTA when I was 6/7 years old, not knowing what the game was about. I got suspended for a couple of weeks, had a black eye, was grounded for ages, and the GTA disk got snapped into several pieces and thrown in the bin.

Despite my GTA disk being snapped into millions of little pieces and me never playing it since, I still remember this song from whenever you got in a pickup truck

3) The time when me and my best friend worked out how to do various suplexes on each other - We were slightly older, and had realised that WWF/WWE wasn't actually 'real' by now, and it wasn't actually as easy as it looked to lift people who weren't younger and therefore, lighter, than us.

We wanted to practice doing suplexes on each other - We worked out that if I jumped at the point where my feet were supposed to leave the ground, he could suplex me onto the bed and it didn't hurt. The first few times went okay. However, on the next suplex, my leg took out the glass lightshade which came off and smashed onto the floor, leaving broken glass everywhere. His parents weren't too pleased with us :rofl
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