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Re: Vince McMahon was not a happy

Originally Posted by Walk-In View Post
What Vince should do is make a fucking example out of someone & fire their ass. I don't mean on-air humiliation, I mean "you mother-fuckers are half-assing it & coasting & we're not going to stand for it." There's a lot of people to choose from, like Kofi is a great example.
The fuck? What has Kofi done to warrant being fired? He's FAR from being the worst guy on the show. He is probably in the upper 1/3rd imo. Especially if you include all the junk jobbers they trot out there on Smackdown to feed to the heels since WWE won't put their heels over any faces.

Originally Posted by Walk-In View Post
He's doing wrong the same thing that 80% of the roster is doing wrong. They're just coasting & not trying to push the envelop anymore. Honestly, it's not their fault 100% either. If you're told that you're going to be given opportunity after opportunity & you keep busting your ass only to not be rewarded, eventually you'll stop busting your ass so much for the same pay & the same position because you come to realize that it's all bullshit & you've just been naive & drinking the Kool-Aid for so long. Or, as C.M. Punk called it "imaginary brass rings." A glass ceiling, if you will.

The problem is that WWE has been coasting so long with no changes so that now damn near the entire roster is at that point, Kofi included (he was just the example I gave, there's a lot more too, I don't have anything against Kofi) & it reflects on the show as a whole. It is part of the reason why the show is so boring & forgettable. It's just paint-by-numbers every single show, every single week & the roster has all fallen in-line as they realize too that now they're just a part of the grind & nothing is going to change. So it has just become a job for a paycheck to a lot of the guys. It's no longer about trying to up the ante or steal the show or make an impact. It's now, hey, I gotta go seven or eight minutes, let's get this over with.

There isn't any passion or emotion anymore, no one seems to be hungry.
But why Kofi of all people?

You cannot blame Kofi for not "making something out of nothing", because he is not being given any opportunities. His total mic time this YEAR: What is it? 30 seconds? 40? The last time I've seen him get more than a few seconds of mic time was late last year where they let him talk at the announce table during a match and he sounded intelligent. I thought, weird, why don't they give him more mic time? He speaks well. Then he didn't get mic time for like 4 months.

And him doing a couple more spots per match won't mean shit either. . . because you're still going to have assfaces on here and around the internet just calling him a "spot monkey" with no talent just like they did Morrison and try to cut him down for trying to make something out of nothing.

Kofi would be a terrible choice of a random firing to make an example of. There are much worse guys out there than throwing away a guy who's more deserving of getting a real push than he is getting fired.
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