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re: Bound For Glory Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Aya Reiko View Post
Weak card for something that's supposed to be TNA's Wrestlemania. Feels more like an common TNA PPV than anything else.

The ME has gotten jack shit in build.
Another match is a piss break KO match.
The tag match not only has the unneeded addition of Guerrero/Hernandez (and it shows how bad TNA's tag div has gotten), it also further prolongs the dull AJ-KazDan fued.
And finally, King Mo is simply unnecessary for Storm-Roode. Don't be surprised as another screwy finish here.
I can almost agree with you on the World Title build. They should've at least gone for the first strike by now. There's not much conflict involved.
Also agree on the KO match.
Adding CHAVO and Hernandez was a way to add variety towards the match than the same tag match they saw at the most previous PPV. If Styles/Angle/WTTCOTW was a best of 5 series, then it would be ok. And as long as they don't mention the thing with Claire Lynch, I'm happy.
King Mo is being used kayfab wise the same way Shamrock was used at WM 13 and Angle at BFG 06. He's the guy that's gonna wander around the ring til a ref bump then ref the match. If there's a screw job, then be set for Roode/Mo. And no, I wouldn't be surprised.
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