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re: Bound For Glory Discussion Thread

My biggest problem with this card is the main event. I am just not feeling it at all with Aries Vs. Hardy. It feels like no thought was put into this beyond "Hey Hardy sells merch, so wham bam put him in the main event!". There is nothing story or character driven about this that I can sink my teeth into and right now, it is pretty much just basic babyface vs. babyface stuff.

And the only real standout match to me is Roode Vs. Storm, which we all thought was going to be the title match and given what we have, they probably should have stuck with Plan A on this one.

The Three Way Tag Team Match? That is a solid enough match. Tara Vs. Tessmacher? Eh. I guess they had nothing else to do with the girls. Joe Vs. Magnus? OK I guess, though it is strange to have three matches on this card with the "Former Partners Turned Enemies" storyline. TNA Vs. Aces & Eights? Could be good depending on who is in it, but I think we were all expecting something a big bigger from that storyline. And with Bischoff clearly being the spokesperson for A&Es on the last show, it makes me worried that we are going to get a lame payoff to this. Granted Bischoff could be a red herring (apparently it was Vince McMahon who voiced the stalker of Undertaker's wife until it was revealed to be DDP), but I lost a little hope after the last couple of Impacts that they have a really good idea in place.

And they clearly have no plan or direction for the X Division as Ion is the champ, but is hardly ever on TV, and there is nobody for him to work with anyway. Since there is no story in place, I would just have a 3 way or 4 way on the TV PreShow (Kash Vs. King Vs. Dutt Vs. Robbie or something) and then have the winner face Ion on the actual card.

So yeah, after getting on that hot streak, TNA doesn't seem to be bringing their best for the big PPV outside of Roode Vs. Storm.

Here was my projected BFG card at around Destination X time.

Bobby Roode -c- Vs. "Cowboy" James Storm (BFG Series Winner)
- We all thought this was going to happen pretty much going back to Roode defeating Storm at Lockdown.

Sting, Rob Van Dam, Bully Ray, Kenny King, & Garrett Bischoff
Vs. 5 Members of the Aces & Eights (Brisco, Gallows, Knox, Morgan, & Masters)
- Again, I think we were all expecting a bigger match here involving many talents. I like the idea of the TNA team having both faces & heels uniting against a common enemy, but also provide combustible elements within their group that could cause problems. So that's why Bully Ray is in there. As for Garrett, well I put him in there because I thought TNA was going to keep ramming him down our throats throughout the year, and I put Kenny in there just to add a little bit of different flavor to the mix. At some point in the night, Samoa Joe, James Storm, or Bully Ray would be revealed as the Leader of the Aces & Eights. At least that is what I was thinking.

Kurt Angle Vs. King Mo
- I thought Mo would make his in ring debut at BFG and who better to pair him up with than Kurt Angle? Angle could have carried him and made up for any deficiencies he might have as a newer worker.

Austin Aries -c- Vs. "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles
- I didn't count on Aries winning the title at DX though I loved the idea of giving the X Champion the option of facing the World Champion at that PPV every year (one of the reasons they should focus ALOT more on the X Champ quite honestly). So I was thinking Aries would hold the title all the way through and then be made to face AJ Styles in his greatest challenge. Nobody would have opposed this match taking place. Right?

Samoa Joe Vs. Joseph Park/"The Monster" Abyss
- I was thinking they would continue the split personality bit with Park & Abyss and carry that over into a feud with Samoa Joe, since that feud has surprisingly never taken place in TNA. Get a good big man match out of them where they finally reveal that Park & Abyss are one in the same or something.

Christopher Daniels & Kazarian -c- Vs. Jeff Hardy & Mr. Anderson
- Honestly, I put no thought into this one because TNA had no tag teams at the time (and still barely do). Hardy & Anderson have SOME history as a tag team, so that is where my mind went there.

Gail Kim -c- Vs. Miss Tessmacher Vs. Tara Vs. ODB Vs. Madison Rayne Vs. Mickie James
- Again, no thought went into this beyond just having all the current KOs fight for the gold.

Joey Ryan Vs. Al Snow
- This match could still happen I guess. It would be a nice payoff to a storyline they have been building since May.

Devon -c- Vs. Magnus
- Didn't count on Devon leaving, but there you go. I thought they could just build Magnus up to the belt and let him be the midcard standard for a bit.


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