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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Oblivion Feedback

Fully expected Joe to begin the show following the conclusion to last week and it was certainly a fired up speech from him. Loved the no nonsense naming himself number one contender, brought a laugh from me but at the same time I could totally see him doing that lol. Heyman showing his face, again expected but I did NOT expect Finlay. Didnít expect it but loved it. The lines from Finlay and Joe about being the only men to beat each other was perfect in its delivery and these two now going at it in a number one contenderís match gives it a real big time feel. Jericho was awesome here, captured all his usual traits very nicely indeed and the line about Jericho vs. Jericho being money had me cracking up haha. Holy shit what an end to that segment!! Really didnít expect to see the Jericho/Heyman alliance come to an end but this was a monstrous way to do it. Doane comes out of this looking legit by the way with that leg drop through the table, massive moment for him in his AOW career and the Worthy Legion as a whole go up another notch with this assault, brutal stuff and an unexpected twist for me as a reader which is your job I guess so kudos.

Doane was always gonna get the win here, especially following what transpired before the break. Good win to keep his momentum building, although pleased to see Sydal getting a shot on the show, his story with Kidmanís been unravelling nicely and Iím sure will continue to do so.

loved this with Carlito. The Apple Spitter was always good with comedy stuff and this was no different. Liking the way this feud with the Mexicools is ticking over slowly but surely.

Certainly point made by Hassan here, vicious ambush on Punk. Kinda feel like there's nowhere left to go with this one though, been absolutely brilliant worked and a rubber match ASAP would make sense.

Very clever and correct booking here. The stuff with Wilsonís partner being injured and having to step up by taking on these two is great and I liked the challenge laid down by WGTT. Good step in this feud and good call in Wilson getting the job done, particularly with the finish, a victory roll in the circumstances makes great sense.

Interesting exchange between Jericho and Danielson here. Danielsonís facial expressions at the end were nicely pointed out, makes this situation seem all the more daunting for the superstars in the back as well as us as readers in thinking the Legion really are on the Warpath.

Again, furthers the Lito/Mexicools feud as well as Litoís relationship with the Mercs, clever stuff and excited to see the progression next week.

Well, what can I say about this? Do you really need me to? Awesome, awesome stuff. I kinda had a feeling this would be the route you take after what you did with the Sons and American Made. Giving two debutants twenty five minutes to go out and tear the house down would be a brave, brave call but with these two capable of great things it was the right one. Hell of a match and youíve created two big time players in just one night, beautiful booking. One thing I will say is, maybe, just maybe you could have gone a different route as it is so similar to your last debutants, but I will let you off as simply put, it works.

I knew this one wouldnít go down after that war between Black and Kingston but I didnít expect it to occur this way. Massive angle now going into next week with Jerichoís scheming and power trip just completely taking over the whole show and now Joe and Finlay gonna be on a warpath of their own in taking down Jericho and the Legion.

Excellent show as ever. You know as well as I do that Kingston/Black was the highlight, great stuff while Jericho and the Legion were highly compelling once again. Really looking forward to the next instalment, donít leave us waiting too long.
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