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Re: TNA 2009: The Turning Point

starting the show off with a match is always the way to go with a new show, IMO. Especially when the show is so wrestling-orientated like Xplosion. All three are good enough athletes and good enough wrestlers to put on a hell of a match. In terms of your actual match, you managed to get in all three men's signature moves which is good and all three were kept relatively strong. Surprised you gave AA the win considering how much you mark for Sydal, but Aries will always be the stronger character of the three and going forward, I imagine him being one of the men at the forefront of the brand.

Pretty generic promo from Foley here, nothing realy interesting to say and nothing the commentators just couldn't have said. All he did was hype up the show, which I do understand, but I feel that you used it just to get Foley on the show. Personally, I would have added a little more substance and purpose to him coming out, but whatever. You hyped the show and you got Foley out there, I guess.

Interesting to see a little confrontation between Homicide and Foley. It would have made more sense for this to be a part of the last segment instead of havingback to back Foley segments. Plus if Homicide were to interrupt Foley mid-promo, it would give him that little bit more heat and make him seem like he generaly don't give a shit who Foley is, which I imagine is the kinda of dynamic you want to give Homicide. I would love for a little more conflict between Homicide and Foley; both are strong characters and both are compeltely different.

Interesting to see you're not having Don West as Red's manager anymore, for whatever reason. Meh, I'm not too keen on that but whatever. The six man it's self got the job done; provided a good match, gave 6 men on the roster a lot of exposure on the first show and having Red pick up the win ahead of his match at Final Resolution was the best booking decision available. Plain and simple stuff here (y)

Aries sounded pretty generic here, and generic is one of the last words I'd give to A-Double. Maybe it's you not being used to writing things out in full or maybe it's because you haven't really given Aries a character yet and you're just using him as a generic heel, or maybe it's because you haven't seen enough of Aries. Whatever reason it is, it doesn't stop the promo from being generic. Now being generic isn't always a bad thing, but you'd want to avoid it, especially for someone like Aries who I can imagine you plan on being someone you're building the show around. PAUL LONDON~! Weird appearance and a weird way to debut, but I did have a little chuckle to myself. I wonder where this is going...

AmDrag coming to Xplosion? Jesus christ, the roster is cramped already lol. Maybe you need to go to two hours? I don't know about this, ut I'll give it a chance. With Aries, Homicide, Red, seemingly Paul London also, I can't see where Danielson is going to fit in. But I'll give it a chance...

Once again, a decent enough match. Both men were showcased and it's no surprise that Kidd won. Nothing more I can say, just filler really...

The main event was as great as I imagined it to be. I would have liked to have seen this in full, however, simply due to how big of a match this is. With Xplosion being the home of the X-Division, the X-Division title MUST be treated like another World Title, in my opinion, so in essence this match SHOULD have been treated as a World Champion vs. World Champion match - How often does that happen? Anyway, you managed to keep everyone looking strong in the match and after the match. Homicide looked like a mean, vicious thug. Styles was cheated out of a victory and it was Amazing Red that stood tall at the end of the night, so I have no complaints here.

Overall, I feel the booking it's self was great. Everyone was kept looking strong and everyone was given a chance to be showcased. However the writing was a little bit lacklustre. Now I understand that you don't normally do full shows, and I understand that I was one of the people that pressured you in to writing a full show and I still say you should continue doing so, but all of the promos seemed very generic. Nothing really stood out to me, it was just very "meh"'ish, if that makes sense. Whether that is indeed down to you hardly ever writing in full or because you're not exactly familiar with the wrestlers. Whatever it is, it never hurts to do some more research, watch youtube videos etc. and just grasp the wrestler's style and delivery. However, I am looking forward to AmDrag's debut, I am looking forward to seeing where Paul London goes after the weird debut he had this week, and I am looking forward to see if there is any more conflict between 'Cide and Foley, as well as how the X-Division Championship match will be built heading in to Final Resolution - So you have got my interest heading in to next week's show. Good job, broski.

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