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Re: Borderlands 2 (Sept 18th) - 87 BAZILLION GUNS...JUST GOT BAZILLIONDIER

Originally Posted by Freeloader View Post
If you like Sniping and being able to run away, yeah.

Each class has limited skills though. All the Assassin does uniquely, is disappear for 5 seconds. That's it. Most of every skill tree is shit like "more ammo, more damage." It isn't overly exciting, but I know, it's a FPS game. The melee tree for the Assassin kinda sucks; melee isn't as viable as it was in say....Crysis 2.

Sniper Rifles & Shotguns with exploding damage ftw. Have a sick pistol and nice SMG with electro damage to round out my top 4. Only gun I haven't used much or care for, are the Assault Rifles.

Agreed. I'm playing as the soldier and I enjoyed the Borderlands skill tree more than I'm enjoying Borderlands 2's skill tree. That still has a little time to change though.

I'm like level 23 and I still haven't found an assault rifle worth a shit. I hate the guns that explode when you reload. It's a waste of ammo for me. If the gun has a full clip minus one and you accidentally reload while trying to pick up loot, you throw the gun away and the ammo with it *I think* to get another gun... and the explosion that thrown away gun does is terrible. Throwing a rock would do more damage.

I do have a kick ass shot gun with explosive ammo that I'm using to kill a ton of non-human creatures.

So far I've liked the guns in the original more than this for practical purposes. Sure the guns look better in this game but they usually just fucking suck.

That being said I still love the game. There are alot of ways that this game is better than the original but guns and skill tree, to me, are not among them (so far... and I'm almost done with my first playthrough)

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