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Re: Raw Is CM Punk

Originally Posted by Evil Peter View Post
Ratings means something to the company but I see no reason to base anything off it as a viewer. A viewer should just want quality.

McDonald's makes the most money out of any restaurant chain, but it hardly means that they serve quality food. If Lady Gaga sells more albums than another doesn't really mean that she has to be a more competent musician.

Ratings are only relevant to you being entertained if you're actively trying to mainstream.
Completely true my friend. Great post!

The Transformers movie series has made a ton of money but the quality is atrocious. At the same time there are movies such as Kick-Ass that are amazing but do terrible at the box office.

I'm sorry for all you ratings/buyrates fans out there but 10/10 times I will take quality over mindless trite like the Hulk Hogan's, Cena's, Big Show's, and Sheamus' of the world.

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