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Re: Oh Dear Ryback... [the botches]

The only people that give half a shit about Ryback not managing to hit his finisher on Tensai last night are right here on this thread. Elsewhere, millions of wrestling fans worldwide give no fucks and have forgotten it already. Next week he will still be getting more and more over.

Ryback will continue unabated.

As for the push Mason Ryan comments, Jesus. That man has zero talent, unless you also rate Rob Terry.
Yip yip!

Originally Posted by Nostalgia View Post
To those who ask why Tensai would sandbag him? Well it's not hard to realize. Tensai came into the company and went over the likes of Cena and Punk and now he's become a total jobber, a joke, the biggest flop of 2012... He's probably frustrated for those reasons and the fact he's probably annoyed that this relative new guy in Ryback is getting pushed over a veteran like himself.
Nah, I doubt the guy behind the character is the type of person to try and jeopardise another person's career.

I hate getting into discussions about people's personal lives as it shouldn't concern me one iota, but with all the mass media and so forth out there some guys make it real clear that they're only looking out for number one, as opposed to those that may be a bit more humble about things.

Looking at the incident again, it was just an untidy application all-round. Tensai should've boosted himself up more, whereas Ryback could've done a bit more to ensure the mass sitting on his shoulders would be shifted over to his right so he could properly settle. As countless people have said the setup takes a bit of coordination from both parties. We know they can do it, so maybe both got a bit complacent the second showing around.
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