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Re: Backstage News On Punk's HIAC Storyline

Originally Posted by Starbuck View Post
Effectively WWE are telling us that if Punk wants to be the BITW like HBK/Bret/HHH/Taker/Austin/Rock then he needs to defeat John Cena, the man who has been beaten by Rock, has been beaten by HHH, been beaten by Undertaker, never faced Austin and never faced Bret. We'll give you HBK though, he beat him. 1 out of 6 ain't bad!!!

That's pretty much what they're telling us and it makes absolutely no sense. They aren't ranking Cena up there with the aforementioned guys they consider the BITW. He isn't part of that rank so why should Punk beating him make him the BITW? On top of that, Punk has already fucking beat him! He beat him at MITB, at Summerslam, at Summerslam again and at NOC. I understand that none of them have been a fully clean win but holy fuck, how many times does he have to beat the Lord and God John Cena in order to be considered the BITW or even worthy of sharing the same ring as him? And then there's the issue of whether or not he will actually win the match. Throw on the fact that Punk has now become the underdog heading in and we have a situation where the heel is the one facing the insurmountable odds and the huge challenge, not the babyface in Cena and the whole thing is a fucking mess tbh. Bad enough that they implicitly have been portraying Cena as above the title for the past year almost but now they are explicitly saying it too. It's just fucking horrendous and I shudder to think of where we'll end up if Punk doesn't go over at HIAC tbh I really do.
This, this 1000x this.

I agree with you about the terrifying possibility of a Cena victory...all it will do is make Punk look really bad and Cena forced further down our throats. I really do hope Punk wins and Cena takes some much needed time off. If that does happen and the way this storyline is being played out...it would appear then, that the WWE is actually building up a Heel's 'credibility'. Now after saying that I realized how unlike the WWE that is and fear the worst.

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