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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

The Briscoes vs. The Guardians of Truth * (uh, oh…)

Eddie Edwards vs. Homicide ***1/2 (damn good)

Hybrid Fight
Kyle O'Reilly vs. Adam Cole ****3/4 (what can I say, I'm a sucker for matches like this)

Fit Finlay vs. Michael Elgin ***

Mike Mondo vs. Mike Bennett DUD (DUD as DUD can be, fuck off Mondo!)

TV Championship

Roderick Strong vs. Jay Lethal vs. Tommaso Ciampa **

World Tag Team Championship
Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team vs. The ANX ***1/4 (hands down, this was really good)

World Championship (Anything Goes)
Kevin Steen vs. Davey Richards ****1/2 (chaotic, fantastic, epic)

A very strong show with 3 good matches and 2 fantastic showcases of differences (Cole/O'Reilly and Steen/Davey) done well. The Border Wars show had a more consistent flow of quality, but this one had two really epic clashes in Kyle/Cole and Steen/Davey.

Edwards/187 was a damn fine bout, it was a nice showcase of smart wrestling. Eddie continues to be great in 2012, and Homicide showed ROH can still count on him (if they're smart). Finlay/Elgin was good too, and didn't deserve the booos from the NY morons. Finlay's tactics were awesome to watch, experience and old school portrayal 101. The Tag Titles match was very good, it was a great proof for ROH that all they gotta do for a good match is give their wrestlers ball and let them run with it. The rating would be higher, but Titus' eventual victory roll-up on Haas was weak and was not compelling at all. Still, it was a strong work from both teams, Haas deserves some praise here.

The main event and the Hybrid Fight were two simply fantastic matches, IMO. You know why Cole/O'Reilly was so great? Because of the most beautiful, basic and effective story there is in pro wrestling – who’s better wrestler (even Nigel said it). That’s my favorite form of storytelling, because it represents the pure core of competing (that’s why I like the idea behind Evolve). I gotta admit, I was sceptical about the Hybrid Fight gimmick, but it worked here perfectly. It was a fantastic contest that captured the old ROH magic, it's the best company match since Steen/Generico FWH, and one of the best matches this year, anywhere. The Steen/Davey main event was almost as awesome, but because of whole other reasons. From the moment it begun, they managed to capture the catchy magic of chaos, anarchy and destruction, it felt like hell broke loose, it felt like wrestling in Gotham (not that I ever watched any wrestling from Gotham). The whole segment was so epic it was easy to forget ROH's mindfucking booking of the Steen storyline. Kyle's great pre-match promo, Corino's epic commentary and antics, Cornette's presence, Davey being a natural, pure douchebag again (you can only pretend to be a man of honor so much), great mix of brawling and brutal, well-done hardcore wrestling, excitement… This match was a true fucking callback on the good old ECW and Attitide Era days of chaos, not that super-overrated Punk/HHH match from 2011.

Originally Posted by Bubz View Post
@ JoeRulz, agree with most of those ROH reviews. Border Wars was a really good show even without anything being amazing, and Final Battle was a joke especially given the name of the show.
Yeah, Final Battle '11 is one of the worst shows I've ever seen. It's the epitome of horrible booking and presentation.

Originally Posted by Seabs View Post
NSPW are running Generico vs Stupified this month. What are the chances that ends up being awesome.
Sheeeeeeiiiiit! Now, just imagine that match in PWG. And Steen vs. Player Uno. OOOH! MAH! GOODNESS!

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