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Re: Analyze This: Wrestlers transcending eras

Originally Posted by theidealstranger View Post
Thanks for the detailed reply; of the guys you mentioned Ric Flair, Jerry Lawler, Shawn Michaels (His change came mostly because of his religious attribution in the later career than the need for the era. He was a Boy Toy and then a born again Christian good guy essentially) did not change much about their character and yet found huge success. What do you think worked in their favor?
In all three of those cases their styles transcended the era's. All three of them had one thing, great in ring psychology and charisma. The question is like, taking the actor analogy how can an actor be a star in different genres, and over a long period of time? Charisma, and talent.

Flair wrestled in the bloody southern territories, but also worked 60 minute 5 star masterpieces against the Funk's, and Race. So whatever era came along he could adapt.

Lawler was doing attitude era stuff in Memphis in the 70's. He was obviously a puncher and brawler, but what made him able to transcend was his ring pshychology, and his charisma. During the Expansion era he was able to use his early days heel runs and natural mic work to be a perfect foil for Hart. Obviously by the time the Post Modern era came around he was a spot show worker, but like him or not he was still over with the fans in the arena.

Michaels was just so dang talented he could adapt, that's really all you need to say. He was a brawler, ring general, and a flyer.

All three could wrestle a broom in whatever venue they were in. Plus all three of them (although some would not include Michaels) had allot to offer creativly to the product.
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