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Re: Is CM Punk an ass-kisser of IWC?

Originally Posted by JERIPUNK View Post
He was already over with the IWC before the famous shoot.
But no one called him Austin N.2 before, he sure got more over after the shoot both with IWC and casuals.
]He has no power. Its Vince , HHH, and the writers that control what happens. They dropped the ball a million and one ways on a potentially great angle..thats not Punks fault.
He sure has no power, but he can kiss the ass of the ones who have power. They gave him everything including shooting on the company and breaking kayfabe(he still breaks kayfabe).It's his fault he couldn't make the angle work.
Do you think he has the power to decide which young developmental stars get brought up ? You thing he has the power to decide which guy in the back gets a push ?
If he has no power, then why he runs his mouth about young talents? To kiss IWC's ass and make them happy?
He is an employee of the WWE..Nothing more. Blame Vince and the other higher ups for allowing him to make that promo and then doing nothing with it
I blame punk because Vince gave him everything to succeed and he failed(succeeded to make himself bigger star, but failed to make wrestling entertaining again).

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