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Re: Oh Dear Ryback... [the botches]

Originally Posted by Sparta101 View Post
Who gives a fuck. He is still over as hell. Tensai sandbagged him and people are just finding excuses to bitch on Ryback even more.

I'm still a fan of both Ryback and Tensai after this, whether it was a sandbag or not. As the saying goes: shit happens. If the Ryback push goes as planned, nobody will remember this a year from now. If/When Chris Jericho returns, I doubt any of the casuals will remember him slipping in the liquid when he was pouring fake booze on Punk. I'm sure if anybody did a little digging, they could find equally embarrassing moments from any top star of the past or present. CM Punk has slipped the ropes several times in the past year and his gimmick is that he's the best wrestler in the world.

Who cares if Ryback isn't as strong as Goldberg or Brock Lesnar, the characters have no relation to each other. This is like saying Daniel Bryan is a poor rip off of Chris Benoit because both are technical wrestlers. Ryback isn't trying to be Goldberg or Lesnar, Ryback is trying to be Ryback.
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