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Re: Stone Cold's 2001 heel run

Originally Posted by Ether View Post
Actually, I always thought it was more of a 50-50 split for liking the heel run or hating it.

And for the people saying it was bad timing, when would it be good timing then iyo?
IMO the time to turn the hotest face in your company, is when his status starts to really decline with the fans. Austin although he was in fact fading a little was still over. I just don't think the fans were ready. I knew I would be in the minority but it is my opinion.

Just to clarify. The WWE could have waited another year or two. it really felt forced. They could have waited till the fans were more willing to boo Austin. Just as the WCW did with Hogan, and then they turned Hogan face again in WWE when the fans were ready to see him back. I think the WWE missed their chance with Cena, they have had several chances to make a great heel turn with him and totally refresh his character. When a character grows stale or when the fans are turning on them, that is when IMO you should turn a character. That is why for decades the perfect time to turn a heel face is after they have lost a fued in a major storyline.
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