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Re: Oh Dear Ryback...

Originally Posted by NathWFC View Post
Again, I never once said his move is "easy" to do on someone like Tensai, simply that based on everything I've seen of all three I personally would think that Lesnar and Goldberg could pull off the same move 100% of the time, which Ryback clearly cannot, and with more ease.

Also there's a lot more to the sort of explosive power Goldberg and Lesnar had than just unsubstantiated bench press numbers. Even if Ryback could bench 25 lbs than Goldberg for 1 rep, which I doubt, it doesn't mean that he's as powerful overall. The type of explosive power Goldberg had and displayed during his wrestling career brought a number of different muscles in to play, and it was that overall combination that made him so explosively powerful.
Those actually are substantiated numbers. I even checked multiple sources first before posting.

Also, the comment about "it doesn't mean he's more powerful over all", and that benching power isn't a catch-all definition of overall power (which I never said it was), doesn't actually help you make a point about Goldberg being any stronger.

You cannot use "what ifs" as a logical argument, nor can you use a generic belief that "just because he can bench more doesn't mean he's stronger" as a good reasoning for saying he isn't. But if you can find confirmed lists from reputable sources about their power numbers in various forms of lifting, then that would be a good point to make.

You haven't consolidated your argument or debunked anything I've said yet. I just want to see confirmed facts to support your claims. I've already posted facts that prove Ryback (at least in the most popular form of power measurment), is not weaker than Goldberg at all. Even if you give Goldberg the benefit of the doubt and average his claimed numbers with his confirmed numbers, it equals Ryback's, not exceeds it.

I've also never seen Goldberg or Lesnar pull off the same move on any wrestler, much less a 380lb one. . .so "I think they could" isn't much of a point either. No factual evidence backs that up. Just saying.
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