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Re: Oh Dear Ryback...

Originally Posted by SinJackal View Post
K, so you've replied to the last sentence of my post. Or rather, you replied to one three letter acronym in my post (for posting "WWE" instead of "NFL"). I never disputed that Lesnar was stronger than Ryback in the first place, I agreed that he was, so that point's been over already. It's in dead horse territory now.

What the rest of it? Such are your claim that Ryback isn't even close to as strong as Goldberg, yet I posted their stats and it's a 5% difference in favor of Ryback, or a mere 4.5% difference in favor of Goldberg if you take his word for it.
You can't just compare their strength via stats anyway (even though Lesnar and Goldberg both are stronger in the weight lifting department)... when it comes to lifting other human beings and in ring strength, you have to take into consideration all that functional strength.

Goldberg has trained in Mixed Martial Arts since the 90s, was also a football player.

Lesnar wrestled amateur for over 18 years, winning an NCAA championship.. claiming the title of best wrestler in the entire United States in 2000, and runner up in 1999.

Both Goldberg and Lesnar have far more functional strength and athleticism when it comes to lifting moving things like other humans, and throwing them around.. and also other humans who resist being picked up... whereas Ryback's strength just comes from pure lifting dead weight in the gym..

In other words, lets say a 290lb Ryback takes you down and puts his weight on you and tries to keep you from moving.... it will probably feel like theres 290lbs on you... whereas if a 290lb Brock put his weight on you and tried to keep you from moving, it will feel like theres 600lbs on top of you because of his functional strength. He knows how to use his weight... then have both of them pick you up and throw you, and resist as much as you can... Ryback will probably have a harder time picking up and throwing a person who is resisting and moving than Brock simply because he isnt as used to it.

in short: Ryback isn't used to picking up and throwing humans who are resisting whereas guys like Brock are due to their experience in MMA and amateur wrestling.
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