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Re: Oh Dear Ryback...

Originally Posted by SinJackal View Post
You didn't say it was easy, but you commented on how "Lesnar and Goldberg could do their moves to Tensai", as if it's just as easy as what Ryback does.

It isn't. At all. Ryback could've thrown his back out doing it the way he does, since he's lifting "incorrectly". Something you SHOULD know as a trainer, and certainly shouldn't warrant comments about how Lesnar could fireman's carry bigger guys when that's about 50% easier than how Ryback was tying to lift a sandbagging Tensai. A straight suplex isn't much easier, but it is a bit easier.

You're also dead wrong about Ryback coming up "considerably short" of Goldberg and Lesnar in the power department too. I will list their actual power numbers later in this post in reply to the other guy too. But in a nutshell, Ryback's confirmed power numbers are 5% higher than Goldberg's confirmed power numbers. Goldberg claimed in interviews that he could do 10% more than his own confirmed numbers (which would mean he was only 4.5% stronger than Ryback); however, nobody else has substantiated it.

You're 1/3rd right. Lesnar is stronger than both. . .now (not before). Goldberg's alleged bench press is more than Ryback, but his confirmed bench press is less. Even if his alleged bench press was what he says it is, it's not "not even close".

Goldberg's alleged bench press: 550 lbs. However, I have seen elsewhere that the most he's ever done is 500 lbs. The only place I've heard Goldberg hitting 550 lbs was from his own mouth. Nobody's seen it and said "yeah I've seen him do 550".

Ryback's: 525 lbs.

Alleged bench press: 25 lbs more, aka 4.5% more.

So he'd have 95.5% of Goldberg's alleged bench press, and 105% of his confirmed bench press.

I can't find a reputable site with their confirmed squat or deadlift numbers, or I'd also post those.

Lesnar's old bench numbers were 475 lbs with WWE, and it has increased over the years to allegedly nearly 600 lbs according to some sources on MMA sites.
Again, I never once said his move is "easy" to do on someone like Tensai, simply that based on everything I've seen of all three I personally would think that Lesnar and Goldberg could pull off the same move 100% of the time, which Ryback clearly cannot, and with more ease.

Also there's a lot more to the sort of explosive power Goldberg and Lesnar had than just unsubstantiated 1 rep max bench press numbers. Even if Ryback could bench 25 lbs more than Goldberg for 1 rep, which I doubt, it doesn't mean that he's as powerful/strong overall. The type of explosive power Goldberg had and displayed during his wrestling career brought a number of different muscles in to play, and it was that overall combination that made him so explosively powerful.

In a lift like a clean and press or clean and jerk, Goldberg would embarrass Ryback.

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