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Re: Raw 10/01/2012 Discussion: Will AJ's parents please take her home?

AJ as the special referee was the "reveal" that the commentators were talking about.

This is my big problem with WWE: there's no continuity, even when they try to do continuity. OK, you acknowledge Dolph walking about being like when Punk walked out on him a few shows ago. But on PPV, Punk took two Attitude Adjustments, got out of two of Cena's STF's & it took a top rope German Suplex with a bridge to get a DRAW but on RAW he can just lose to a Chokeslam like it's nothing? Title being on the line, being distracted by Dolph leaving, whatever, it doesn't make sense. It's just bad writing & bad booking. That's on a lot more people than just the guys submitting shit to Vince McMahon. That's on the workers & road agents too.

No one in WWE gives a fuck. It's a bunch of people just spinning their wheels, collecting their next check, even the guys at the top of the card like Punk. How bad was Jim Ross tonight? You want to talk about unprofessional? Wearing that sourpuss look on his face & talking in a low monotone voice all night because he was fucking pouting. Jim, you're the one always talking about how it's "just a part of the show" so why don't you stop acting like a child & like you're owed something? You're being paid, it's a job!
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